Monday, March 31, 2008

Weekend Goodness

This last weekend Leah, Amy, Whitney and I went to see a The Band’s Visit. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s about an Egyptian Police Band that gets stuck in a very small Israeli town on their way to play a concert. It was really good, very amusing, and not to mention had a cute guy in it, which always makes a movie good. :D Oh and you would not believe how gorgeous the women in it were! After the film Leah, Whitney, and I went to the end of Joe Dee’s swing dance. We had a ball dancing with Layne (who was DJing) and trying to get Jon to dance, with little success, but that’s normal. :D Saturday night we went to our ward’s service auction. It was the first time I had gone; the four of us (Leah, Whitney, Amy, and me) put “an hour of hearts and giggles” up for auction. I was very anxious in deciding what to auction off, seeing as I didn’t want to be tied into something big, I wasn’t sure who would get it, and literally couldn’t figure out something I was good enough at that I could share with someone else. So, I thought “what am I good at??” and I immediately thought “giggles”. :D Plus it was vague and unclear as to what that would consist of and it was only for an hour, which was doable. We all decided that we could spare an hour to frolic around and be silly, seeing as we always do. ;D It was neat; we each had a paper plate with a number on it (I was 16), and $500 University First Ward dollars. $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 dollar bills, and they had either a member of the Bishopric or one of their wives on each. The four of us bought Mike Holm’s and/or service. Seriously, he had a list of and/ors of things that we could do on the back. It was so amusing; we had to bid on it. Then I bid on “I will listen to your rant for a half an hour and agree with everything you say”. If you know me, you know I love to rant, so I had to have it. It ended up being Michael Hammond’s and after it was over I told him that it was priceless, which it is! The last thing we got was a “DJ your party”-and since we love to dance, we got that too. It ended up being Layne’s, which was perfect! :D

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Shopping for Whitney's Birthday Cupcake/Ice Skating Party 3/7/08

For Whitney’s 21st Birthday party, we did a little shopping at UVillage for Birthday Cupcake/Ice Skating supplies. First stop, The Confectionary. Whitney, showing off her Birthday Cupcake Headdress. Too bad it was so overpriced; I would have bought it and made her wear it ice skating. Did you notice the little cupcake on top? It would have been too perfect for the party! :D So, after wandering around the store for about 20 minutes, I decided that I want to have a date take me to The Confectionary. It would be so much fun, picking out candy, looking at all their knickknack candy things, and (my favorite part of the store) salivating over the amazing chocolates that they have. After picking out some beautiful ribbon candy, some purple and as Whitney described “Caribbean Blue” (teal) candy covered chocolates, we headed off to our next destination-Mrs. Cooks.
Mrs. Cooks is a very amusing store (Somehow along the way we renamed the store to Mrs. Pots-don't ask) if you haven’t been in there, you should. We found a really lovely cupcake rack, which would have been perfect for the party, but it was 40 dollars and we couldn't rationalize spending that much. Isn't it adorable, though?After picking out paper cupcake holders, frosting dyes (purple and teal), some cute “domestically disabled” mugs, and four purse sized cocktail forks (for emergency forkage of faces, obviously), we found a section of silicon oven mitts.I named this picture "Attack of the Lobster Lady!". I think maybe at this point the ladies that worked there might have been slightly annoyed by us (and the fact that we had been in there for over an hour and hadn’t bought anything yet) but if they didn’t want people to linger, they shouldn’t put such amusing things in their store! :D

Thursday, March 20, 2008

You know you're lucky when your boss is a joke crackin' fool!

Yesterday as I was sitting in Priscilla and Patty's office, my boss came in for a chat. Midway through he started talking about how insurance agents, brokers, financial planners, CPA's, etc. are extremely dependant on our company. He said "they are as dependant on us as Hollywood is on Cocaine!" Then imitating a strung out junkie continued "I need my tax fix, man-I just don't know all the rules!"

Work should be fun, luckily for me it is.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Gold and Green Ball

Even though I didn't get asked to the dance, the music was lame, and there was only a couple guys there that I could show off my "bumble buzz" to, all us girls got together and went stag to the Gold and Green ball. After about a week of trying to convince guys to go (no amount of coaxing seemed to work), finally, when we were in line for our pictures, Layne walked in. Because of his willingness, finally, to attend, we got a few pictures with him. Gee, I wonder what would have happened if some of the other guys we invited came? Imagine, I could have been sitting on your knee, with my arms around your neck. It's a shame really; you guys could have gotten quite a bit of action. Carolyn, Me, Amy, Handsome Layne, Leah, and Whitney
This could have been you.....
surrounded by all these beautiful women.....
Oh, look a shoe shot. See, I was a little bumble bee, you should have seen my buzzzzzz shake......

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Oscar Night

Thank you Sean for the amazazazing pictures!
Mark and the Layne-ettes walking the red carpet! This was so adorable, I adore Christine's face! …and I ask you-why don’t I have a boyfriend??

Valentine's Day

For Valentine’s Day, Sean and Ben made dinner for his “favorite sisters in the ward”After Whitney arrived, the party really started!Like I said, good times!Moderately “fake drunk” Sarah.Getting sleepy “fake drunk” Sarah.Passed out “fake drunk” Sarah.


Dancing can be difficult if you’re either really short or really tall. Fortunately, I've found a solution! :D