Monday, September 22, 2008

Whitney's 21st Ice Skating with Cupcakes Birthday Par-tay!

Back in March (yes you read correctly) Whitney had a skating/cupcake party to celebrate her 21st birthday. If you can remember I did a post on the planning of this party, but until recently I’ve not had the pictures. So, without further ado, here are the long awaited pictures. Leah, Whitney, and me. Birthday Glamour The cool kids hangout by the side of the rink! Ben, Eli, Leah, Whitney, and me. Whitney and Daniel Glorious Birthday Cupcake Goodness!! Birthday wishes! Hey Whitney, I think Eli could replace me as a best friend, he’s willing to hold hands, kanoodle, and he likes to giggle (in an extremely sexy, masculine way)!Birthday Hugs from Laird. It’s not a birthday party unless the birthday girl gets to have her picture with lot of boys! Totally gross rink, totally fun skates! Befriending children everywhere I go is a gift, they just seem to love me. Stephanie helps Becca and me to skate. Yeah, that’s right the little girl in the middle, she's an expert skater. Holding hands and giggles are the best! See what I mean. My two favorites, how I adore them!

Eliza's Mad Hatter-Put on Your Sad Face-Going Away Party

Unfortunately, Eliza has left us, no more parties on Queen Anne, no more movie nights in the frigid attic, no more gossip about people in the ward, no more awesome dance parties where we can bump and grid and possible get a little too friendly. Oh how I miss Eliza!

So, if you’ve never been to a Mad Hatter Party, this is the way things go down. You show up in your craziest hat and win prizes for the best. Or in Eliza’s case, raffle of crap no one wants. Hehe, loves! ’Liza and SashaHahaha, my favorite picture of me! Mark and Eliza Eliza and Nicole Eliza and Handsome Layne! Eliza and Jon Eliza and Becca Michael, Eliza, and Ryan. Eliza and Rachel Eliza and Johnny The Raffle; Eliza, Erin, and Christine discuss prizes. Laird, smile with your teeth. Oh, that’s better! Sean, shows off his prizes! Fertility goddess anyone? Mark’s the grooviest! I think we finally found out what was living in their attic, it’s the hunchback of the house on Queen Anne with the spiral staircase. Group photos are a must! Whitney, Amy, Eliza, Leah, Stephen, David, and me. Sean, why won’t you let me touch your bum-bum?? What’s ups is downs, what’s wrongs is rights…which way does this photo go? Ben, are you sure that’s rootbeer?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Space Needle and Fun Forest – July 5th 2008

Pictures courtesy of Leah Pearce, Whitney Nelson, and Sean Georgi.

Leah, Amy, Whitney, and me, trying to contain our excitement for the carousel.

Glamour Shot

Layne’s too short to ride the Ferris wheel?

Or is he? He’s such a trickster!

Us girls at the top of the Space Needle.

Who knew that at the top of the Space Needle the SW section stood for “Sarah, Sean, and Whitney”?

It was cold so Sean let us borrow his coat.

Room enough for two!

The 4th of July at Gasworks Park

Okay, I’ve been BAD about posting. So bad that I’m am just now posting pictures from the 4th of July.

Pictures courtesy of Leah Pearce and Sean Georgi.

Christian/Stacey’s “Air Leg Guitar” to AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long”.

Double “dropping it like it’s hot” action.

Sean and Mark rocking out!

Sean, pimping it with his “ladies”.

Jessica, Layne, Ben, Julie, Leah, Amy, Whitney, Michael Toaster, and me before the fireworks.