Monday, July 27, 2009

Randomness from the past couple of weeks.

-Raya had her baby-
A little girl they named Brynlee.

Raya, Ilee and Brynlee.

My favorite picture of the little squirt, she’s freakin’ hysterical! (Pictures stolen from Raya’s blog.)

-Note to self-
Posting pictures of me in short-shorts on Linkup, wasn’t the best idea ever. Although mostly amusing (I’ve had over 300 page views and over 40 emails in the last two days), it has also generated a few situations/emails that I could have done without. Take this one:

Gorgeous smile beautiful eyes and spectacular legs....looks like youve got the phyiscal what about personality wise...what are your favorite guilty pleasures and pasttimes? And whats something that most guys dont know about you? And what is one of the greatest traits you have?

Not horrible, although his lack of correct spelling and punctuation is a turn off-please if you have a computer and you’re emailing someone, you have the ability somewhere on said computer to use some sort of spell corrector or editor. Plus the fact that the email is written as if I’m being interviewed for a chance to be his girlfriend. Ain’t no way I’m sitting in an effing waiting room with 50 other women while some guy “chooses” from the lot. I’d rather be single! So, I didn’t email back because I rarely do email anyone back on that site. Not even a courtesy email, it just encourages them. Then a few hours later he sent me another email:

With a body like that i bet you are lookin for some action?? LOL.....hit me back

Excuse me? Did I read that correctly? Oh I’ll hit you-hit you with a restraining order you perv! What kind of rapist question is that? I’m so glad you don’t live anywhere close to me! Oh and by the way, you’ve been blocked!

-Kickin’ it with Julie has been amazing-
The past couple weeks we’ve moved all her stuff out of the storage unit and into the garage (okay I didn’t help with that, but yeah), went on a hike, went “swimming” at Juanita Beach (dear burnt woman on the beach-you’re done, get out of the sun!), various shopping outings (including craziness at Wal-Mart and inappropriate purchases just to make visitors of our house uncomfortable), watched the third season of Psych and had some kick ass conversations. I wish I could remember them all, because they were hilarious.

She keeps calling me a midget. The other day at Ross I was telling her how this apron that I was buying was actually a children’s apron and how weird that was. She told me it wasn’t and then compared me to a ten year old boy standing a few feet away and how there really wasn’t any difference in size. She’s crazy and I love it!

-I bought a Freakum Dress-
Okay, it’s not really a Freakum Dress and I will not be wearing it to my party even though I joked about it.

Mainly because I fill it out more than this girl. But it's cute and I plan to wear it dancing on Thursday. You should come!

-Sometimes when I’m in a meeting for more then three hours I get a little bored-
So I start to doodle and when someone in that meeting falls asleep they're fair game to draw.

Deborah said I couldn’t post it on facebook, but she said nothing about my blog. Hehehe. (Note to reader, I'm usually a better figure drawer then this. Please do not judge.)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

You can look but you can't touch. Actually, I'd prefer if you didn't look either.

Last night I learned two things, one:Layne doesn’t fit in Bridgette’s car.
And two:
Guys will hit on you even if you’ve gone to a club with a guy. Okay, I already knew the last one, but honestly sometimes I can’t believe what guys do. Here are a few examples.

A young man runs up beside me as I’m making the great trek up to 1st.
YM: Hello, how are you doing tonight?
Me: ….um, okay. How about you?
YM: Pretty good, I’m Joel by the way.
Me: Sarah.
YM: (Shakes my hand) nice to meet you Sarah.
Me: …you too.
YM: So, where are you going tonight?
Me: Del-Rey, you?
YM: (Mumbles something, presumably a club)
Me: …cool.
YM: So, we’re staying at the (insert hotel downtown)…..
YM’s friend: Joel shut up!

Everyone goes their separate ways. We get to Del-Rey (which by the way, kind of sucks now) and hit the dance floor to find it empty. But that’s okay because then you can take better pictures-right? Plus, that way everyone in the place can see your sweet dance moves!A little while later man came up to our group (after his previous attempt to drag Leah and Bridgette to his group while I was in the bathroom) on the dance floor, we'll call him Mr. Annoying.
MA: I'm going to join your group.
He dances for a few minutes and then grabs my arm and tries to spin me, but like usual I pull away.
MA: Hey, I just want to spin you!
Me: I'm really good without being spun.
Then as I was doing this:A man grabbed my arm and started pulling me away from the group.
Mr. Grabby: But I want you to dance with my friend.

Moral of the story: Bitch! You don’t touch me unless I ask you to touch me!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kinkup Craziness!

So last night I received an email from this guy who has viewed my profile a bunch of times in the last year, but I don’t think has ever emailed me before.

Subject: I am visiting Washington State for about a week.....

and I thought it would be fun to meet a couple of people and hang out, do something fun while I am here. Would you consider saying hi at least? I love Seattle and just want to have a fun time while here. I am from Sweden and I am a great guy, fun, respectful, etc.

Super weird, right? I don’t know what to say back to him, and I think I would feel bad if I did respond.

Hey Meredith, let’s get a group together and meet this guy. One of us is bound to be interested, I mean he’s 38 and divorced, but we shouldn’t hold that against him. And from past experience, if a guy is interested in one of us, he’s probably interested in the other. ;D

Anyway, on a plus side, I’m pretty sure Mitt Romney viewed my profile.

Weird. Mitt, go home to your wife.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It’s not like you thought you were good-looking or anything. Oh you did? That’s so sweet!

So, I was perusing msn, like I do, and I saw that Karolina Kurkova had announced that she was pregnant. Because she’s one of my favorite Victoria’s Secret models (probably because I always get her on the celebrity look-a-like site) I decided to look up some pictures of her and her fiancĂ©, when I happened upon this blog:

Excuse me?? I’m sorry; I can’t believe what I just read! First of all, this woman is pregnant! Secondly, even if she wasn’t, she’s hotter than any woman you could ever get and you have the audacity to say that she’s fat?

I think she looks good; the only thing that would make her hotter is if she had a bigger chest (‘cuz breasts are hot). Not only does she have a rockin’ body, she also has pretty face! She looks like a human, I’m terribly sorry if that's not in demand right now (how come you only hear about morbidly obese people and not the morbidly anorexic?). And I’m sorry, but “real men” like women that look like women, not women that look like little boys.

Mr. Brett, I think you should go home, take a long look in the mirror and next time be a little more realistic when critiquing one of the most beautiful women on the planet.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

LDSLinkup Email

I haven't blogged about linkup for awhile, mainly because nothing interesting and/or hilarious has happened. Anyway, I got this email today, which made my day and pissed me off all at the same time. Note to reader, this man is from Sweden-just had to mention that because I have a fetish for foreign men.

"I guess I don't really know why I am writing, but I know I would regret if i didn't...
It is not often I see a woman like you!! That you are single is a miracle. You will make someone very happy one day!
Take care"

He makes an excellent point though-WHY AM I SINGLE???? Not, why am I not married, but why don’t I even have a frickin’ boyfriend? It doesn’t make any sense! Ugh!
This is really starting to piss me off.
And I would make someone really happy....bitch!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My favorite quotes from the past week.

Standing in line at Dick’s at 1:00 in the morning after dancing with Renae at Neighbors:
Random guy standing behind us in line (RG): Hey, hey you? What’s your name?
Me: Sarah.
RG: Hi, I’m (can’t remember name) and this is my friend (can’t remember name).
Random Guy’s Friend (RG’sF) : Hello!
RG: And what’s your name?
Renae: Renae.
RG: Nice to meet you both. Hey Sarah, where are you from?
Me: Here…Seattle.
RG: Oh really, where did you go to High School?
Me: Roosevelt.
RG: Me too, what year did you graduate?
Me: 2002.
RG: 2002? Oh, you’re a youngin’. Where do you live now?
Sarah: Still here.
RG: Here? You live at the Dick’s Drive-in?
Sarah: Haha, yeah. No I live in North Seattle.
RG: North Seattle meaning??
Sarah: Lake City (I don’t feel bad telling people this because Lake City Way is very long and it would take them a great deal of time to track me down).
RG: Oh, okay. What are you two doing on Capital Hill then?
Renae: We went dancing at Neighbors.
RG & RG’sF: Oh…
RG: So you go there so guys don’t hit on you…unless you two are together.
Renae & I: Haha…no.
RG: So…how do you feel about getting hit on at Dicks?
(Renae and I look at each other and then order)
RG: Hey, Sarah I want you to meet my other friend.
Renae: Okay this is getting weird, we should go.

Random guys at Del-Rey:
“They shouldn’t let girls like you in to clubs, the guys can’t control themselves.”
“Wow, you can really dance to Beyonce!”

Dan at Gasworks on the 4th: She can shake it; she can shake it like she knows what she’s doing.

Hannah yelling at Anthony from the backseat on the way to my grandmother’s funeral: Stop hitting me, you’re going to give me a hematoma!

After my grandmother’s funeral and the luncheon but still in the banquet hall, my cousin Evan found his way up to the balcony.
Grandpa: Oh, it looks like Evan is going to give a speech.
Evan: “Four Score and Eleven Years Ago”
Molly (his sister): It’s seven.
Evan: Oh right. “Four Score and Seventeen Years Ago”

After frustrations at work Dan sent me this email.
“Don’t kill yourself. I’ll miss you.”

Deborah: I’m not a lawyer; I just work for one…on t.v.

Let me preface this last one by saying I occasionally see this guy in the hall at work, he works at the Engineering Firm across the hall and I have never spoken to him. He usually just nods his head, mumbles something and keeps walking, but this time it was all very awkward and hilarious.
Engineering Firm Guy (EFG): Hi!
Me: Oh, hi.
EFG: (mumbles something unintelligible)
Me: I’m sorry, what did you say?
EFG: How are you?
Me: Good…how are you?
EFG: Pretty good.
Me: That’s...good.

The Most Amazing Thing I've Seen This Week.

According to Priscilla, this is exactly what the rains in Africa sound like.

Bonita "Bon" June Kilian

As some of you may know, Sunday the 28th of June my grandma passed away, on her 83rd birthday after suffering for several months with Pancreatic Cancer. (Photo of my grandma, Aunt Ella and her granddaughter Bess)

I think the very first memory I ever had was with my grandma. I remember sitting on the shore with her after my parents and grandpa went out fishing, sitting there on her lap-eating Oreos.

We went to her funeral in Anacortes this last Monday, which was beautiful. All of her children were present and my Aunt Ella gave the Eulogy (which I want to get and post on here). It was a really nice funeral and I’m sure she loved it, because her whole family was there, together.

(My Mom & Dad with parents at their wedding – July 28th, 1978)

Grandma, you will be missed.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

In a Funk

I’ve been in kind of a funk for the past week, getting rear ended and having my grandmother die (heartbreaking and am still in shock) all in the span of a couple hours hasn’t helped, but those aren’t the only reasons I feel out of wack. I think it started last Friday at girl’s night after watching “He’s Just Not That Into You”. Thank you Renae and Cherilyn for a lovely evening, but that movie might have screwed me up for life and if I vent about it then it just might make me feel better (at least in that regard). So here I go.

What I learned from the movie (at face value):
If you’re interested in a guy and you don’t look like a supermodel, he’s not interested. No matter how pretty, thin or clever you may be. Or how amazing your legs or breasts are. Or what a marvelous personality you may have. Even if he talks, flirts and pays particular attention to you, or gets your phone number (by any means necessary)-he’s not interested in you.

You will never be the exception-take everything a guy does at face value. No cryptic message decoding needed, what he says is what he means-don’t read into things!

You don’t intimidate him, if he wanted to date you, he would.

Men are douchebags.

Oh and if you have a figure (cough, cough…breasts) or would be described as “sexy”, you are an evil whore and will end up with no one. On the bright side, all the men will want you-not to date or marry you though, so there’s a downside.

What I learned from the movie (looking deeper):
Everyone is an exception to someone. You may be reading into things (generally speaking), but to the one that matters, you’re not. And although you have to go through a lot of crap along the way, it’s worth it. So keep overanalyzing things with your girlfriends until your head explodes because someday, you’ll be right!

Men are lazy.

Men are douchebags.

What I’ve been told (from the horse’s mouth, so it’s legit) by men:
I intimidate men (generally speaking, not all). As much as people would like to tell you that this is not a reason guys act the way the do, in some girl’s cases, it is. Men are intimidated by beautiful, confident women that don’t need a man. Even though I do like attention from guys (what girl doesn’t?), I don’t need it to have a good time. Whether or not I’m enjoying myself and my life is completely dependent upon, well, me. That intimidates men.

If you have a strong relationship with your girlfriends (a la the trifecta – Leah, Bridgette, and me) it deters guys from asking out someone from the group, because if you piss off one girl, you’ve pissed off them all. Also it’s difficult for guys to tell which in the group likes or would be interested in him and if he chooses incorrectly, well you can imagine. So a lot of guys just don’t try.

Security in my attractiveness (e.g. you’re a fox, you’re gorgeous, I like watching you dance, you can shake it like no other, etc.)

Men are douchebags.

What I’ve gleaned from my own experiences:
It doesn’t really have anything to do with whether or not a guy is interested (in my experience most guys would be interested if they knew you were) and if you think he is, there's a good possibility he is. It comes down to if he’s going to do anything about it or not (if he has enough balls or isn’t too lazy that is), which usually isn’t very often. Because like everyone else, guys have insecurities too and they get nervous just like you. To say they don’t is stupid. It’s like saying they are void of emotion. I’ve made my fair share of men cry (all warranted) and to say that is just not true. Women are capable of hurting men just as much (if not more) than the reverse.

And if a guy doesn’t try to pursue me then it’s his loss. Not mine. Because I’m marvelous!

Also, men are douchebags.

The End.
Thank you for listening (or reading), now I feel better.