Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This is how I like to eat my cool mint Oreos:

Three Stories High!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Smile Worthy Conversations

Princess Leia: Those shorts are a little short-I can see your ass cheeks, especially when you stick your butt out.
CocaKoler: Wait! Are you wearing underwear?

CocaKoler: The names for female body parts are so pretty. If I didn’t know what “Vagina” meant I’d totally name my daughter that.

(CherBear shows off her bum bum)
CocaKoler: Can I tap that?
CherBear: Uh….no, but you can touch it.
(five minutes later)
CocaKoler: Wait, does “tap that” mean something besides tapping it with my hand? (brief pause followed by awkward silence and then hysterical laughter) oh….hahaha….never mind.

CocaKoler: He’s a pretty popular midget.
Me: No, he’s a dwarf, (points to itty bitty) she’s a midget.
Itty Bitty: Did you just point to me?
Me: Yes. (laughs)
Itty Bitty: Hey!! (Squats a little lower and then in a slightly higher octave) Hey!!

Baird Lennion or Lars B: I hate being the only guy there that doesn’t know a song.
Princess Leia: I didn’t know it.
Baird Lennion or Lars B: Yeah, but you’re not a man.
Princess Leia: Right.
Me: And soon I won’t be.
Princess Leia: Right.
(Awkward silence)
Princess Leia: I don’t think Lars gets the joke.
Me: Just a little transgender joke….no, don’t worry Lars-I’m all woman.
Princess Leia: I’m pretty sure he was worried about that.
Me: Well you never know-I don’t want any rumors started.
Princess Leia: Yeah, Lars is really into starting rumors about people.
Me: (Lars impression) “Hey everyone, guess what I just heard? Sarah used to be a man!”….No, I don’t think people would believe it anyway.
Baird Lennion or Lars B: Yeah, I wouldn’t buy it.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Grammy Awards 2010

I know this was a week or so ago, but I found a couple pictures of the evening’s attire and I have to comment.
I Gleefully post this picture of Lea Michele and pronounce her “best dressed” of the evening. She’s adorable.
Can anyone tell me what happened to Miley Cyrus’ face?
Word to the wise: Never go to the same plastic surgeon as Fergie. Nothing good can come from it!
I am SO digging Katy Perry’s hair, I want to “Betty Page” my mine too! By the way, this dress only looks halfway cute from the back. Very disappointing Katy!
Oh Lady Gaga. Why do you have to be the most ridiculously dressed person ever? I keep defending you to all my friends who think you’re an ugly freak, but if you keep dressing like this I can’t! I love your music, you’re a very talented singer and dancer, but this can’t go on.

And last, but certainly not least: Beyonce. Here’s a clip of her Grammy performance. She AMAZES me-next time she tours here I’m going! I’m so gonna learn that awesome dance move at 4:45. Might get whiplash though. ;D

Monday, February 08, 2010

Betty Grable Gams

The gorgeous Betty Grable, known for her great gams.

I adore my legs; obviously, I wouldn’t put them as my blog picture if I didn’t. I also love pinups, if I had been born in the 20-30’s I would have been one, which is why last Saturday I wore these fabulous shorts to a party.
Purchased at Forever 21 a few weeks ago. On a side note, I’m loving the Rockabilly section at the “21 always”, it makes me want to dye my hair black and get a few tattoos. Anyway, back to my story. Last night Allen wrote on my wall about a conversation he had with another girl at the party. It went as follows:
Girl: Is that a skirt or shorts?
Allen: shorts.
Girl: (long pause while judging you) they are pretty short aren't they?
Allen: well when you have Sarah's legs you're allowed. It's in the bible.
Girl: (longer pause while judging me) Could I pull off shorts like that?
Allen: No. Only Sarah can pull off shorts like that.

There are so many parts of this dialogue that I love. First, all the judging-I know I’m not the most modest girl, but I’d rather be naked so they’re lucky I’m as covered as I am. Second, the bible bit-I must have missed that part. And lastly, the fact that Allen told some girl that she didn’t have nice enough legs to wear those shorts. I know it’s mean, but it still made me laugh-a lot.

On a completely different subject, while looking for a picture of those fabulous shorts I ran into this!!
Oh sequined bodysuit, you will be mine!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Things said this past week that have made me laugh

PH: Cheerio all!
ME: No Priscilla if you want to be taken seriously as a citizen you have to start talking like and American.
PH: Ah, no man! Cheerio, see you in the morning. Goodnight Thomas. Oh, Thomas...how do you say your name in American?
TY: Thomas.
PH: Oh.....it's the same. I thought it was going to be something weird like "Toe-moss".

ME: Oh look Leah we're driving by so and so's house (name has been omitted for privacy purposes). Hey Blankety Blank!!
Both: F*** you!!! (Flips off building).

ME: So, I saw Cherilyn...she's got some color and her hair is blonder.
MA & PB: Yeah?
ME: Ugh, I was looking at pictures from the summer and I was so much darker then!
PB: Really??
ME: Uh...yeah...
PB: Really?? Your hair gets darker in the sun?
ME: Uh...no...but my skin does.

PH: (While playing with my hair) You should wear you hair up more. You have such a lovely neck and you're hiding it behind all this hair.