Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother’s Day the Pearce Family Way

First, a lot of this:

Then some face time with one of these:

Watched a few movie trailers, including:
The good, the bad, and the weird-which actually looks kind of good; and
The Human Centipede, which I can’t quite tell if it’s meant to be a horror film or a comedy.

Then I treated my 17 year old sister like one of these:

Watched a little SNL and loved this skit (we heart Bill Hader ;D):

And then finally we left and I showered my amazing mother (who we now call “Lady Mama”-thanks Hannah) with these:
And these:
Happy Mother’s Day Lady Mama!! We love you!!!

1 comment:

Life's Art said...

I love you too darling. No Mother's Day would be complete without you. You and Leah made my day. Love, Lady Mama!