Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I have mixed feelings about Glee. I like the music and they have some great one liners, but all the drama between the characters is at times frustrating. And maybe that's because a lot of the drama is too closely related to current drama in my life and no I'm not pregnant or am I faking a pregnancy.

How come singles wards have to be as dramatic as high school? Who care if you're popular or who's dating each other! Grrr...I sometimes feel like Josie in Never Been Kissed-aren't I too old for this? Why are you gossiping like a school girl and acting like you're 16?

Anyway, back to the show.

Like in last night's episode entitled "Laryngitis", Rachel gets laryngitis and is afraid she be permanently scarred and will never sing again. For those of you that don't know, too bad and for those of you that do, this was a hard one to watch.


The silver lining in the episode was that it was heavily Rachel-Finn related. Rachel reminds me of myself, except way less annoying, not as pretty or as chesty-but she does remind me of my high school self in that sense. And I like Finn, even though at times I want to strangle him for being such an idiot, but right now he's not being an idiot. He wants Rachel back and he's trying and you know it'll work eventually-she's in love with him. Anyway, he sang this song to her in the episode. Not normally my cup of tea. I'm not a super fan of the song, but right now I'm totally feeling it.

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